365 Project…some of my faves so far

I haven’t been posting any of my 365 photos on my FB page lately, and I have a sneak peek for my session from Sunday that will be posted this week…but I feel like it’s been SO incredibly long since I posted something here. So I want to post some of my favorite photos from my 365 project so far this year! This is a hodge podge of mostly random photos, but I hope you enjoy them!

^This is the first bow I’ve made. I made it for Abi to wear on Feb. 23 in honor of Maddie Staats. Her story (and her family’s) can be found here: http://kandjstaats.blogspot.com/…just be prepared to shed some tears.

These next ones I saved for last deliberately. These are our Triops. I bought a little envelope of Triops eggs from Hobby Lobby at the end of January. We set it all up, and they didn’t hatch…after day 2…they didn’t hatch. At that point, I just kept telling myself “I’ll throw them away. They aren’t going to hatch.”…but I kept forgetting. A week after we got them, I checked the jar (I kept them in mason jars for the first few weeks) and there were two baby triops swimming around in there! :) Abi was very excited, and I let her name them. The big one (also the one who is photographed the most) is “hundred fish” and the smaller one is “puffer fish”…Yes, they’re creepy. It’s really weird how they’ve grown on us.




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