About the Photographer

(Photo above taken by Paige Kimball)

I’m Kristen.

I’m a single mommy to one gorgeous little girl!

I absolutely love photography! Otherwise, what am I doing here?!

Please don’t ask me what my “favorite” anything is. Aside from a favorite food (which is Tiramisu), I’ll have a list instead of oneĀ singular “fave.”

I crochet. I’ve also recently started to learn to spin my own yarn. Yes, I said “spin my own yarn.”
I’ve made about 98% of my newborn hats.

I LOVE love LOVE music. I love a few songs/artists from just about every genre. I’ve played violin and cello in past lives (aka. elementary and high school).

I’m constantly working on new projects…tweaking my style of photography and editing…trying to think of different concepts for sessions.

I would like to thank my clients (past, present, and future) for allowing me into your lives and homes, and especially for allowing me to bring you alongĀ in part of my growth as a photographer. I want to capture your moments and tell part of your story!

Thank you for visiting my site!


P.S. There are phone people, and there are e-mail people. I’m definitely an e-mail person! If you have any questions or would like to book a session, feel free to email me at lilylovephotography@gmail.com or via the Contact form here on my site.