Giveaway Time!!!

I have been incredibly blessed to have worked with so many wonderful clients! So, to thank everyone, I have put together a small giveaway. There are some great prizes, too! They’re all things that, even if you personally don’t need, you almost definitely know someone who does! Some of these things are custom items, and some would make awesome Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!

***Please note that while I do personally know some of the vendors and can attest to the quality and/or cuteness of some of the prizes, I have not tested/tried every single one. If you have any questions about any of the prizes or the giveaway, please feel free to email me or any of the vendors!***

***you must “like” every vendor and post on their wall in the package you are entering for. these are prize packages; not individual item giveaways.***

Here are the rules/terms/conditions:

  • There are TWO prize packages (not individual prizes): one for a local winner (Clarksville, TN, and surrounding areas) and one for a non-local winner.
  • I have included each vendor’s Facebook link in the prize listings. You must go “like” each vendor’s page and post on their wall to enter (Just post something like “Thanks for participating in Lily Love Photography’s giveaway!”). Once you have “liked” all the pages for the vendors and posted on their walls, come back here and leave a comment letting me know which prize package you’ve entered for!
  • You only have to “like” the pages for all of the vendors in the prize package you are entering to win, but of course you’re free to “like” the other vendors as well! Everybody loves new fans on their Facebook pages!
  • Entries will be accepted until midnight, Nov. 18th (i.e. 11:59pm on the 17th is the last chance to enter). I will do a random drawing on the 18th to find the winner of each prize package. ***If you win the non-local package, I will need your mailing address so that the vendors can mail you the prizes!***
  • I will have to go through and approve the comments (i.e. entries) each day. Therefore, your comment will not show up right away.
  • Before I announce the winners, I will have to check to be sure that they did, in fact, “like” each vendor’s page and post on their walls. Therefore, the winners will be announced on the 20th of November.


***you must “like” every vendor and post on their wall in the package you are entering for. these are prize packages; not individual item giveaways.***

Peridot Moon
One size Jetsons diaper cover:

Mag’s Coffee
$10 Gift Card and mug:

Maila” headband (newborn size)
(I have some newborn headbands from briar.claire, and my toddler has worn them w/ no problem. Just putting that out there!)

Tastefully Simple by Crystal Pettit
Bountiful Beer Bread Mix and Bountiful Beer Cheese Soup Mix

Michelle Murphy – Scentsy
Pumpkin Marshmallow Room Spray
Pumpkin Marshmallow Bar
Autumn Stroll Bar

Visions2Images Design and Photography
Alpha Name

“Tea Party”

ItWorks Ft. Campbell
Cleansing Gel


***you must “like” every vendor and post on their wall in the package you are entering for. these are prize packages; not individual item giveaways.***

Angela Conway – Scentsy
Snow Day Plugin
White Out Scent Bar

Vision2Images Design and Photography
Alpha Name

“The Fates”

“Ada” headband (newborn)

Peridot Moon
$15 Gift Certificate

Kristen Ashford (me)
Red, White, and Blue bracelet

One Custom Crochet Hat (up to $25 value)
***Please note: This prize may not be made and shipped by Christmas.***

I would like to thank ALL of the vendors who have donated items to this giveaway! You guys are awesome!
And to all of my clients and Facebook fans: Thank you for supporting me! Thank you for trusting me to help immortalize your memories!


  1. I liked, would have loved if there was a button for it thier page lol

  2. I “liked” your local package!

  3. Lovin the gifts!! I liked all the pages and friend requested ItWorks, but I havent been able to leave a comment yet.

  4. Kristi Eljuri says:

    I liked your page for the unlocal hat and for the Peridot Moon unlocal gift!

  5. Amber Heimann says:

    I entered for the non-local package!

  6. Caryn Taylor Ready says:

    HI, I have liked and posted on all of the sponsors for the non-local package–thanks so much for having this! Such a nice thing to do :)

  7. I’m loving everyone’s excitement about these giveaways!! Good luck to you all!!

  8. Daina Blohm says:

    Liked all the pages for the local package, just waiting on the “It Works” page to accept the friend request. :] Love your work!

  9. Ashlee Martin says:

    I entered the local prize package. BTW the last one itworks…I had to add them as a friend for some reason to be able to post. Love ya! =)

  10. I “liked” the local package…all except the last one…it doesn’t have a “like” button.

  11. I am so excited about this giveaway. I never win but I get a thrill out of trying! Love your stuff!

  12. Analee Young says:

    I “Liked” your local package. :)

  13. yay! liked everything!

  14. I entered to win the local prize package.

  15. I entered for your local package. thanks for the opportunity. awesome work btw :)


  17. I liked and posted on all the NON local pages! I would like to enter the non local one!
    Thanks again to all involved!!

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